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Your brand needs a story

Features tell, benefits sell, stories resell

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Dec 19
, 2018

Around 1 year ago I posted a vlog on LinkedIn detailing the importance of communicating benefits over features. It was a popular video, from my perspective, with over 4000 views - go me! 🎉

The content of which I preached in this video, has since evolved. Features still tell, and benefits still sell, but that’s not enough anymore.

I’m going to take it one step further today:

Features tell, benefits sell, stories resell!

As marketeers, we have an incredible thirst for leads 📞. It’s sadly how we are often assessed and sometimes remunerated.

When I was a young, enthusiastic marketeer, all I cared about were numbers on an excel sheet. This lead to an inevitable increase in ‘mis-marketing’ and soul selling.


As marketeers, we will adapt to whoever the prospect wants us to be. As we do this, we lose our own identity. This leads to problems down the line including tough communication, high expectations, additional support queries.

It’s impossible to be everyone to everyone; it’s better to be someone to someone.

So how do you be someone to someone?

Telling a story gives you identity. It tells the world, ‘this is who I am, this is my journey, come join me’. It defines who you are. You are someone, not everyone.


If your story resonates with your target market, attracting loyal customers and followers is easier.

You might find the quantity of leads dropping, but the quality will improve. You are now targeting followers, not leads.

When you attract new loyal customers, communicating with them will be easier. They will understand and relate to you better. You won’t have to be someone your not. You are now someone to someone.

How do I tell a story?

Why does your business exist? The answer to this question is your story.

It’s that simple, but to explain the why part of that question, here is a video by Simon Sinek:

Example of story telling

Toms is a shoe manufactuerer founded by Blake Mycoskie.

Blake was travelling Argentina in 2006 and was astonished to witness thousands of children growing up without shoes. He decided there and then, he needed to help them, so he created Toms.

“With every product you purchase, Toms will help a person in need “.


Blake shared the story of Toms to the world. Unique from other shoe manufacturers, the story resonated with millions of consumers.

Blake has continued to develope Toms’ story and they now provide help with water, safe birth, and eye sight.

Consumers buy the Toms story. The people who buy the story, follow the company, its vision, and its future.

Tell the world your story

When designing your next website, organising your next campaign, defining your company’s vision, think about your brand’s story and tell it. Once you have the story, sell, hire and connect with people who believe in it.

If you have a story to tell, let me here it - head to my contact page and leave me a note.

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